“12 incredibly moving ways Liverpool has come together in the

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buy canada goose jacket cheap Phillip with his girlfriend of six canada goose years, JayneGet Weekly Politics updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersA top Merseyside politician has described the heartbreaking buy canada goose jacket moment he told his girlfriend he had terminal cancer, as they sat watching cruise ships on the River Mersey.Phillip Brightmore was recently diagnosed with myeloma, a rare canada goose clearance sale terminal blood cancer mostly seen in much older people, and said he discovered it “by accident”.He was told recently he has two years to live, and this week, Phillip, 32, who is also a cabinet member at Wirral council, described the emotional day back in May that he revealed his condition to girlfriend of six years, Jayne.”I remember the day very keenly,” he said.”I was very shocked, as you can imagine. On leaving the Royal Liverpool Hospital, I called my girlfriend, and about an hour later we met as we always do after work on the docks, and there I told her of my condition.”I remember at the time we like to watch the Mersey and the ships come in a cruise ship had just moored, and people were ambling on and off the ship.”There was an elderly couple going on, and we watched them holding hands and boarding together, and we were just so upset because we knew that would never be us.”12 incredibly moving ways Liverpool has come together in the last yearWhen asked if Jayne, 28, would stand Canada Goose Outlet by him after learning about the cancer, Phillip told BBC Radio Merseyside: “Every step of the way. I love her very much.”A complex blood cancer originating in the bone marrow, Phillip’s condition is known to be difficult for health care officials to diagnose.It is “treatable, not curable”, with 17,000 people living with it in the UK the vast majority over the age of 65, and he said: “At the age of 32, it’s been a while since I’ve been told I’m young for something.”Testicular cancer what to look out for:Describing how he found out about his condition, Phillip described discovering the condition as an “accident”.He explained: “Six months to a year ago, I started undergoing tests for food allergies and it was during those that I had a blood test that returned a protein.”I was told that protein would turn to cancer in one in 1,000 people but that other indicators were good, so I should not be unduly concerned buy canada goose jacket cheap.

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