13 easy step by step halloween nail art tutorials

13 Easy Step by Step Halloween Nail Art Tutorials

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This month is Halloween and we are sure that many of you will be dressed as vampires, devils or creatures from a fairy tales and attend masquerade ball. We bring you 13 Easy Step by Step Halloween Nail Art tutorials that will show you how to get a great manicure, with which you will be very trendy in this special night.
These nails for Halloween will complement your outfit!

Halloween  ghoust nail art: 

  • Paint your nails white
  • Cut Scotch Tape with scalloped edge scissors, add the tape to the tips of your nails and paint over in black
  • Remove the tape before the black polish dries
  • Add in spooky faces
  • Add a top coat to seal in your design
Halloween ghoust nail art

Jack Skellington nail art:

Directions: Apply a base coat on your nails and then paint the base colours: alternate between black and white on your nails and let dry. Start painting on the white nails.

Take the black nail striper and create Jack’s profile. Make slightly inclined eyes, two short lines to represent the nostrils and a sinister mouth line with many stitches. Continue with another design for the black nails.

Take your white striper and make a line near the center of your nail. Then add vertical lines to the left and right of it. Wait a few good minutes to dry. Apply nail top coat.

Jack Skellington nail art

Spiderweb nails:

You’ll need: a black basecoat, white striper brush & a top coat. We’re doing a matte look, so the top coat is a flat finish.

Start with a base coat in a dark colour & let it dry. Grab your striper brush to start the nail art! Spiderwebs are super easy to draw– just start from a corner of your nail and draw lines jutting out, like you’re cutting a pizza. Connect those straight lines with some “drooping” lines, a couple of rows of lines should do it! Do the same to all your nails and then top coat to seal it in

Spiderweb nails

Burnt paper nails:

  • Paint your nails with a beige or white enamel, wait until it is completely dry.
  • Place a piece of newspaper / magazine in alcohol and wait 15-20 sec.
  • Put the wet paper on your nails, and a light down with your fingers and wait until dry (7-10 sec), and remove the paper.
  • Finishing with a base or extra shine.
  • Draw some lines with black enamel, where you want to have the effect of burnt edges.
  • Put some black and brown glaze with a piece of makeup and pass sponge around the black lines.
  • Clean the edges with acetone.
  • Use a matte base to finish.
Burnt paper nails

Bloodshot Eyes Nail Art:

Bloodshot Eyes Nail Art

Spider Ladyfingers:

Spiderweb Ladyfingers

Spiderweb Ladyfingers:

Spiderweb Ladyfingers

Skull Ladyfingers:

Spiderweb Ladyfingers

Mystical Flame Halloween Nails:

  1. Apply 2-3 coats of opaque acid green nail polish on each nail.
  2. Before you start painting the flame pattern on your nails, draw the pattern on paper. It will be much easier to re-create the look on nails.
  3. Work one nail at a time. Use a thin nail art brush to draw the flame outlines.
  4. Fill in the outlines using thick nail art brush or nail polish brush.
  5. If some flame lines didn’t turn out well, use the green polish and detailing brush to correct your mistakes and smooth all uneven lines.
  6. Repeat step 3-5 on all nails. Allow 15 minute for your design to dry, then apply 2 coats of clear top coat to seal and smooth the design. Done!
Mystical Flame Halloween Nails

Ghoulish Halloween Nails for Kids:

Ghoulish Halloween Nails for Kids

Crimi nails:

All you have to do to get this look is dab your fingertip in the red paints, blot on paper til you see clear prints, then press fingertip on the white nail.

bloody fingerprint nails


Pumpkin nails tutorial


Pumpkin nails tutorial


Enjoy your very easy and fast Halloween nail-art design!

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