Audrey Hepburn costume
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Audrey Hepburn costume

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Audrey Hepburn costumeThe style icon in the 60’s, and today is very famous and popular. Her style, in one of the most popular movie’s
Breakfast at Tiffany’s, we can use on girls easily and make them Hollywood stars.

If your girl has a one color dress the problem is almost solved, just keep in mind that darker colors are better. Put some of your necklace around her neck (the best of artificial pearls) and a bracelet.

If your girl have longer hair, make her a bun, and put large sunglasses with dark frame on her nose. In the one hand give her a paper bag from the store that seems to go out shopping, and in the other can take a wand, chopsticks can do the trick, it’s a great substitute for a cigarette holder.

And the little lady is ready for the red carpet.

4 thoughts on “Audrey Hepburn costume

  1. OMG love it !!!!
    this is sooo Audrey style
    and little princess is adorable
    thanks jelena i love your site and im so happy i found , cant wait what next yo will bring to us

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