Best and worst superhero costumes

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Most comic book superheroes have their doubles on the big screen. Such films are becoming increasingly popular, we can expect even more.

Batman (2005)

  • When Christopher Nolan decided to accept the recording of the new film adaptation of Batman, which would batmanalso be much deeper and darker compared to the ones that we previously have seen, the question of what changes will experience Btaman’s original costume was asked. The result was more than successful, which certainly helped Nolan’s obsession with architecture and design, with which this segment of the story was brought almost to perfection. Technical flawlessly executed, this costume went furthest from the original drawings, but at the same time still retain some basic characteristics and features of Batman’s official uniforms. Directors of all film adaptations of Batman, starting from the series from 1943, through the television series that aired in the sixties and four-part Batman series from the nineties, until recently, the largest number of viewers favorite adaptation of The Dark Knight, really loved this Batman character. Earlier adaptations contained what would be called Kick Ass, “the perfect combination of optimism and naivety”, but in the late eighties, the story took on a darker note. In this way, a simple gray-black-blue fabric with a striking logo, turned into a solid sculpted rubber, which eventually turned into an impenetrable material. But, despite all this, Batman’s costume can be seen as an example of a really good costume and transformation worthy of admiration.


 The Watchmen (2009)watchmen

  • Many thought that the adaptation of the graphic novel ‘The Watchmen’ by Alan Moore was impossible, but Zack Snyder decided to take the plunge. It is difficult to make costumes similar to those in the comics, which would damage the film itself. Fortunately, Snyder has
    managed to thrill fans.


Captain America (Avengers)captain america

  • Joss Whedon approached very cautiously to modernizing costumes for Captain America. He managed to achieve that Chris Evans does not look tacky and funny in a tight suit, and all the elements of the comics are still present in the film character.

Hellboy (2004)hellboy

  • Technically, Hellboy was not dressed in any kind of costume, as it is no fault of his, the “boy” was born with horns, hooves, tail and right hand red stone. The only garment he added was wrinkled brown coat without whom this guy cannot even be imagined.  Unlike other superheroes referred to in this text, Hellboy can not be seen as a man with supernatural powers, because he really is a creature from hell. It is, above all, the reason why this figure  poses a particular challenge for  masquerades, and few people ever manage to reproduce it in a good way. In 2004 there was a movie made in this comic series, which, in aesthetic terms, diligently kept the original story and costume, considering that its director Guillermo del Toro understood that any other access was completely meaningless. As for the physical appearance in the film, the role of Hellboy went to the right actor, since the actor Ron Perlman irresistibly resembles the character played


Iron Man (2008)


  • Iron Man in the film stays true to comic book drawings. This was achieved because the entire suit was made up of individual parts, so it does not look like a statue of gold and iron.


Spider-Man (2008-2012)spiderman

  • This Marvel hero has also suffered very few changes over the years. Apart from the famous animated series that introduced all the famous theme songs, and Sam Raimi’s trilogy, the series has not experienced some significant adaptations (which, in some ways, is not so bad), so his costume did not go far from the base. In each variant the two basic conditions were respected for the creation of this costume – a combination of primary colors (red and blue) and the spider’s web. Everything else is a subject to Spider-Man’s flexibility, given that he is one of those heroes who are able to cope with the most difficult physical challenges. One of the basic rules that apply to making superhero costumes is that the best costume cannot interfere with the hero in his movements.

Next worst costumes:


The Phantom (1996)the-phantom

  • The film version of the superhero ”The Phantom” has resulted in a ridiculous appearance of the actor. The costume was too bright and too pink causing a serious character to be interpreted in  a completely different way.

Batman/Robin/Batgirl (1997)batman97

  • There are various versions of Batman characters from one of the most popular comics of all time. Tim Burton’s first two films were using simple black costumes, but then Joel Schumacher got involved and he was responsible for the funniest appearance of Batman, Robin and Batgirl. ”Bat nipples” is a derogatory term that appeared because of these costumes from 1997.

Green Lantern (2011)green lantern

  • The film “Green Lantern” did not achieve greater success, and one of the many reasons is the fact that Ryan Reynolds was wearing a terrible suit, in which he anemic. Invested $ 200 million was clearly not enough to make an effort to make a better costume.

The Tick (2001)the tick

  • The Tick is a superhero who certainly should not appear in the real world. However, they decided to do a series about the character and dress Patrick Warburton in the worst costume ever devised.

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