Festivals around the world

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The most famous costumed festivals around the world

Nice Carnival – France

     Carnival in Nice is a sensational event that has all the features of the carnival we are used to, but nicapacked in an exclusive cover. Nice has a centuries-long carnival tradition, which at one time was based on private masquerades. It was only in the nineteenth century defected to the streets of the city, and today has become widely known as a combination of the Mardi Gras parade and festival of street performers. There is also the inevitable fireworks. If this resembles the description of a typical carnival, multiply experiences with ten. For elite Nice will be happy to resolve the bag guided by a desire to be one of the most prestigious cities, even when it comes to fun in the guise.


   One of the well-known carnival peculiarity of Nice, certainly the procession of flowers. It all begannica in ancient times when the nobility showed elegance of carriage, adorning them with floral bouquets. Today, not all arrangers and florists from the area involved in making the most imaginative floral decorations for this fragrant procession and Nice thanks to this custom has become the capital of floriculture.

Venice Carnival – Italy

     Venice has continued to foster carnival heritage of the ancient Romans and captured its famouscarnival-venice- mask of a noble past. Residents of the town delight of tourists heavy costumes and distinctive guises. Venetian masks have long since become a symbol of the beautiful city on the water, while local artisans lovingly cultivated the art of making masks transferring it from generation to generation.

     During the carnival period, Venice organizes various events. It is particularly known for its large number of masked balls intended mostly wealthy clientele. This custom backward from the time when they ruled the doges and the glittering balls showing their power.

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     Venetian masks create an atmosphere of sublime mystery about the carnival celebrations. Once

in place of mysticism was sheer profligacy. Lusty Italians eager period when they can scour the unknown, or at least unrecognizable people as much as they can.

                                                                                                             Carnival in Rio – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


     Half a million foreign visitors a year puts samba parade on the throne of the carnival world. The rio1biggest carnival on the planet is undoubtedly the one in Rio de Janeireu.

     Brazil is the capital of the hot carnival. When we say hot, we mean primarily to the elements, given that February is the hottest month in the southern hemisphere and without a topless dancer. To further raise the temperature of the so-called care carnavalescosi, costume designers responsible for creations that adorn and shows the real participants in the parade.

     While the whole country carried an interesting parade, old street festival samba schools in Rio grown adult in one of the greatest spectacles. Various schools of dance exercise moves for months, sew costumes, write music and gather volunteers who will participate in the show. Some of them have as many as a thousand members. What is most interesting, in the performance are still the best favelas – a group from the slums of concentrating their energies in the parade.

     Many of the world’s television broadcast live the main parade. But whoever had the opportunity to watch the parade live, unanimously to confirm that he had left one of the most prominent memories of life. Because the sight of hundreds of samba groups that occupy entire streets and squares of the city with its magnificent staging truly unforgettable. Each of them accompanied by a red-hot rhythms of samba. Carnival in Rio really can not leave anyone indifferent.

Fire festival – Lervik, Scotland

     This is Europe’s largest fire festival where visitors can wear the full equipment of the Vikings as masks.

Day of the Dead – Mexico

     Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is celebrated throughut the world in memory of all the ancestors. The biggest festivities are in Mexico City and Los Angeles. This colorful parade can be a bit morbid, but it certainly is great to visit.



 We have mentioned only the best known, because very few people can beat the Brazilian parade rhythm or mysterious Venetian masks, but there are various and numerous mask festivals all over the world.

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