Homemade costumes

Homemade Harry Potter costume

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Materials needed:harry

  • black cloth
  • gold spray
  • scissors
  • gun to plastics
  • cardboard
  • pen
  • glasses
  • wooden wand
  • broom

    you need a canvas, width of 140 cm and a length to the height of your child. Fold the width of 10 cm and using the gun make two stitches through which you pull the tape. Warm glue depresses the firm paste. The tape width of 2-3 cm and a length of about 1 m cut from the same cloth.

On cardboard, draw a star and the moon, cut them with scissors and prepare stencils on the touch screen, spray yours and let it dry. Stars and moon set themselves. While spray under canvas post card to protect your work surface. There remained tape that retract the jacket seams using “zippers” Magic Wand can be crossbar of wooden hangers. The costume is ready for your boy.

The magic has already started in making costumes, and your boy will continue it.

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