How To Make Lego Brick Costume
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How To Make Lego Brick Costume

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To make a lego brick costume you will need: how to make lego brick costume

  • 1 cardboard box (Approx 50×30 cm)
  • 6 transparent plastic containers
  • Blue spray paint
  • Silicone
  • Scissors
  • White glue
  • T-shirt and blue pants
  • Blue cap
  • LEGO printed logo

Let’s do it:

  • Cut the top of the box where the child’s head will enter. Also make two more holes for the arms and remove the bottom.
  • At the base of the transparent containers, draw the word LEGO with the silicone, because once it is covered with paint, the logo will stand out as in the original block.

lego brick costume

  • Once dry, stick the containers to the cardboard box and let them dry completely.
  • Outdoors (the paint is very strong) give the first coat of paint to the box. Give it the second coat when the first one has dried well, otherwise the cardboard will get very wet and then deform.

lego brick costume

  • Print the logo of the LEGO brand and stick it (or sew it) to the cap. Also stick it on the back of the box.

how to make lego costume

  • To complete, dress entirely in blue to complete the costume.


lego brick costume boy

Ready to order sweets!

lego brick costume boy


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