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Ideas for a Party

Ideas for Halloween decorations

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Happy HalloweenHalloween is coming. The old Celtic custom has been retained to these days and  celebrating in many countries. Sometimes important Celtic custom, which is celebrating for the end of summer  and the beginning of winter, today it has grown into the most famous costume party around the world.

You want to have a good time and you need ideas for helloween decorations. There are various ways how to decorate your home and create Halloween night a night you will remember. Fill your home with scary decorations, prepare sweets for the children and treat them.

Draw Balloons

Ideas for Halloween decorations

Several balloons draw with the permanent markers. On some balloons (white or green) you can draw eyes and mouth to look like ghosts.

Put them or in front of the light source. On orange balloons try to draw the face that is carved on the pumpkins.

Shadows on the  Wall

Step 1

Take the black thick paper, a piece of wire or wooden stick and some candles. You need to draw shapes on paper but the easiest way is to print them. Printed shapes must be reduced to the desired size, and then you can cut the shapes and copy them to the thick black paper. Choose the shapes that represent Halloween ( bats, cats, witches, pumpkins,… etc.)

Shadows on the wallStep 2

At one end of the wire or wooden stick attach the desired shape on the paper with duck tape, or simply poke through the paper and the other end   stick to styrofoam, which will be used as a base. Finished item set up between the light source and the wall, just to remind you if the silhouette is  closer to the wall the shadow is clearer. When night falls, turn off the lights, light the candles and enjoy the shadows that you create.

These are some of the silhouette ideas:




Witch Silhouette Halloween tree Silhouette

Cat Silhouette


bat Silhouette

Ghosts of Gauze

With a little effort, you can make a permanent effective decoration. Dual gauze, soak in a mixture of water and sugar (half water half sugar). Put gauze over ping pong balls and let the balls dry completely then draw the eyes and mouth with marker pen and your little ghosts are finished. You can put the item on the table or pull the thread through the head and hang balls higher on the window or ceiling.

ping pong ghost

Spider Web with Spiders

Spider Web with Spiders To complete the ambience, get a spider web. To get creepy touch in the room the web and spiders make lots of “woooooooow” when people get into the room. Cobwebs are one of the essentials for creating a spooky atmosphere. The current price is 1.99 $. 

Small price for a big show. 

Spider Web with Spiders
Spider Web with Spiders

If you try some of these ideas, I’d love to write in the comments what were the reactions of your creativity.

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