The Halloween Cocktails
Ideas for a Party

Ideas for Halloween drinks and cocktails

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Every good Halloween party needs matching food and beverages that are decorated and served accordingly. The Halloween Cocktails should look scary or creepy best to be consistent with the solid. In this article you will find some recipes for Halloween drinks with or without alcohol, and some cool Decoration ideas for the perfect party drinks in eerie look.

The Halloween Cocktails

The ideal Halloween cocktails to be taste good and matched to the occasion, therefore colors like blood red, Alien Green, Night Black or Orange are best. Would you like to entertain your guests at the Halloween party with typical drinks, then adjust for cocktails such as Bloody Mary, Black Russian or Halloween Sunset perfectly with suitable decoration. Here are the ingredients for a Bloody Mary Cocktail:

• 40 ml vodka

• 75 ml of tomato juice

• 2-3 drops Tabasco

• 2 shots Worcestershire sauce

• 15 ml lemon juice

• 1 pinch of salt and black pepper

• Ice.

Halloween cocktails

Do not have time to prepare special Halloween cocktails, you can jazz up simple drinks with or without alcohol with a creepy decoration. You can use, for example, Halloween fruit gum in various forms, such as eyes, worms and vampire teeth, or decorate the glasses with decorative plastic, such as spiders and skeletons.

creepy decoration

If you prepare the Halloween drinks, you can get creative and mix proceed uncharacteristic cocktails and bowling itself. Then you can come up with a creative name for your own drink and surprise your guests with it.


Would you like to create a bloody effect for Halloween drinks, you can prepare a raspberry syrup itself and use it for mixed drinks. Puree 500g raspberries, swipe the puree through a sieve and discard the seeds. Then enter the puree in a saucepan with 350 grams of sugar and cook over medium heat. Stir often with a silicone scraper until the syrup is thick and dark. Prior to use, the raspberry syrup should be cooled.

bloody effect for Halloween drinks,

One popular idea for serving the drinks on Halloween is the use of syringes with fake blood. You can apply the recipe for raspberry syrup thereof. Prepare a cocktail in bright color and serve you with a syringe full of syrup, the guests should inject himself.

raspberry syrup

Whether you want to prepare alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktails for Halloween, you can decorate the drinks fascinating with dry ice. To create a creative effect and the Halloween drinks look scarier out.

drinks with dry ice

When using dry ice, you should be sure to carefully, because its temperature is very low and can burn the skin. Always take the dry ice with a sugar tongs. The dry ice is to be eaten or drunk in no case, so you should make your guests warn.

dry ice

Halloween drinks can also be prepared with ambrosia and achieve a delicious taste. For this, you should mix the jello with fruit juice, alcohol and a soft drink. Do you have the perfect recipe found, you can serve the drink in a unique glass, such as in a glass flask.

Halloween drinks

Are you looking for a creepy drink for the Halloween party, then recommend best drinks with a dark red color. You can achieve this either by red-colored juices such as pomegranate juice, or by the use of red wine. To enhance the effect, make the glasses with a red sugar rim.

red sugar rim

A good idea for Halloween drinks is the preparation of an entire punch. So you want to mix the drink only once in a large bowl and each guest can serve themselves. A scary Halloween punch you can prepare in blood red and decorate with a floating hand of ice. The “icy hand” you can easily make yourself by filling a disposable glove with water and place in the freezer.

scary Halloween punch

With malt, rubber worms and frozen yogurt, you can make a non-alcoholic Halloween punch looking like a cemetery and achieve a chilling effect. there should first be frozen ice cube tray with rubber Worm and root beer. Then fill a large bowl with yogurt ice cream and root beer and add finally the finished Worm-diced.


Perfect for the Halloween party is Halloween drinks are with floating eyes. Use for a bowl of glass that you either fill with red fruit juice or with alcohol of your choice and make a Halloween punch. As eyes you can either look for fruit gum eyes, or produced from lychee and cherry or red grapes themselves what.

Halloween drinks are with floating eyes



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