(Im) possible: The character of Yoda from “Star Wars” is taken from one of drawings from the Middle Ages?

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     Nobody says that this character influenced the creation of a movie character, but if you believe the “Star Wars” lore, Yoda was 900 years old when the film was shot in the late seventies – says Julian Harrison

     Author of the famous character of Jonah from the film series “Star Wars” can be inspired by the drawings that originated in the Middle Ages. The drawing shows the creature in a robe with long, pointed fingers and pointed ears, looking very much like a popular fantasy character, Yoda

     This view stems from a medieval manuscript known as the “Dekretali Pope Gregory IX,” which was created between 1300 and 1340 in France. I would like to say that it really comes to play the famous movie character, but this is actually an illustration of the biblical story of Samson. Certainly it can be said that the artist had a vivid imagination – said Julian Harrison, Kustor British Library.

     According to biblical testimony, God gave Samson supernatural strength to manage to fight yoda1against enemies and perform heroic feats like killing a lion, and destruction of pagan temples.

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