Homemade costumes

Make pirate costume

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Materials needed:

  • jeans
  • white shirt
  • blue shirt
  • red-and-white striped T-shirt
  • pair of scissors.

Maybe you need a costume at the last minute. Since our kids grow very quickly, you probably have jeans that are too short  in the closet. Leg jeans  – cut edge and then triangular cut. Shirt sleeves – – cut so you get the best looking pirate shirt. It is not necessary to cut off parts and be too neat because it is a “torn” look that makes best pirate costume. Striped shirt –  cut a border around the door and the same goes for legs, and sleeves.

And now the order of dress: the first dress is a white shirt, striped shirt and then on top of that dark blue vest, down  – naturally, pirate jeans. Since the carnival can be on cold days, below the jeans the kid should definitely have tights in a darker color. And that’s it!
Now just a little “makeup”, draw him a mustache and beard, maybe add a head scarf and an eye patch.

Your little pirate is ready to win

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