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Marvel Cosplay Tutorial: Thor’s Helmet

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You want a Thor helmet of your very own, so you can flaunt your golden tresses (or brown or black or red, whatever your want) like only a God of Thunder can, right?

Of course you do.

Follow me under the cut to see how.


  • Craft foam. Like a bunch. (Okay, maybe three sheets of 11×17)
  • kid’s foam hat (this makes life approximately 800% easier, but only works if your Thor has a tiny head. Mine does.)
  • mod podgeMarvel Cosplay Tutorial: Thor’s Helmet
  • scissors
  • white glue
  • silver spray paint
  • gauzy fabric
  • paper and pen, for a pattern

Step 1: Make a pattern

You may remember this step from my Loki horn tutorial. This is the step where you figure out what you’re trying to do.

You’ll need a pattern for the rim of the helmet and for the wings.

This is my wing pattern (the red is the final lines, the pencil was the rough draft. Sorry it’s messy.

I quickly figured out that I only needed four pattern pieces for the wings!

one: the long strip on the right side

two: this outline of the wing, so I can use it as a guide to make each side symmetrical

three: one feather, which will be traced 24 times

four: the inner feathers, as one piece

Step 2: cutting out the pieces in craft foam

Ignore the top bits. That was my attempt at making a hat-shape from scratch. It failed spectacularly.

The pieces on the bottom right are the helmet edges.

I also cut out (not pictured): two long wing strips, 24 feathers of varying lengths, and two inner feather pieces.

(EDIT: I don’t have photos of the new bands, but it includes flaps, as you will see in Step 5)

Step 3: Glue the wings…..yeah, we don’t need that wings together

I started with the long wing bits, then glued the inner feathers to them (make sure you have enough overlap to adhere the pieces together). Then I glued the feathers down, overlapping each feather with the previous ones.

Step 4: cut the brim off of the kids’ hat

yeah.. we don’t need that.

Step 5: Glue the helmet edges to the cap

Cute flaps, right?

Step 6: Give the wings shape by heating them (over a stove or a toaster or an old hair dryer, or, if you’re legit, with a heating gun). Allow the craft foam to become floppy and warm, then press them around a round shape (like a rolling pin or, in my case, a large water bottle). Let them cool. They will retain the rounded shape somewhat.

See? curved.

Step 7: Fortify the wings

This strengthens the wings and helps them retain their shape.

Using your outline pattern, cut out two wing-shaped pieces of cloth. Brush white glue onto the backs of your wings, press a piece of cloth to each wing’s back.

Let dry.

Once dry, brush a layer of glue over the cloth.Also glue the back piece on, hiding the fabric from view.

As you can see, the back piece has edges that line up with the feathers (I cheated, and used an exacto knife to cut these edges after I glued the roughly shaped foam to the back of the wing.) It also has a flap cut out that matches the flap coming down off of the brim, as you saw in step 5.

Step 8: Seal the foam

Cover everything in mod podge.

Brush on thin layers with a brush. Let dry. 3-5 layers should do it.


Cover each piece in a light layer of spray paint. Let dry. Repeat until all foam is covered.

Step 10: Weather the “metal”

Use black acrylic paint to make your helmet pieces look worn and awesome. It also makes the shadows more dramatic.

Dab black paint onto small sections of each piece. Then, wipe the paint off with a damp cloth, using circular motions. Most of the paint will be removed, leaving some recessed parts darkened.

The bottom wing has been weathered. The top one has not. See the difference?

Step 11: Attach the wings to the helmet.


Glue the flaps on your brim into the space you left on the back of your wings.

TA-DA! You’re the God of Thunder.






Marvel Cosplay Tutorial: Thor’s Helmet

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