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Minion costume and how to make minion goggles?

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minion costume for girlLately, it seems to me that all kids around the world are crazy for Minions. Characters from the film Despicable Me, small, yellow creatures won the planet. If your child has blue or denim dress or pants with suspenders, you probably resolve the following masquerade.

You will need yellow shirt, and long black or yellow socks, if you have black gloves put it on child’s hands. You will need to create and Minion goggles, but you will see, they are very easy to make, and all the things that you need for goggles you probably already have in your house.

How to make goggles?

It’s simple, cut a cardboard of spent toilet paper on two rolls into 1/2 or 1 inch, cover cut partes with the duck tape to obtain metalic gray colour, so they would not pinch kid’s nose. Then the two rolls connect with duck tape to get goggles. Take a black elastic bands, according to the measure of the head of your child, and glue it or use a stapler to fasten both sides of goggles.

This is the logo minion, and if you have a printer, you can print out and put on the front of dresses or pants with suspenders, just hook up the safety pins.

minion logo


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