Superman gets a new suit and a new power

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     Superman has changed and evolved a lot over these 75 years that he has been us. Last update comes in the number of 38 –  new series about Superman by a screenwriter Geoff Johns and artist John Romita Jr. As we found out, Superman will get a brand new power and a slightly different costume.

     Jones would not reveal details, but said that this power occur when Superman conflicts with a new villain named Ulysses.
” This is certainly one of the most destructive powers that Superman has. He’s not so keen on it because it is very dangerous and can have negative consequences. It’s not like it will be able to find various objects to levitate or something like that, but the power will be quite unstable and Superman will have to learn to cope with it, ” said Jones.

     As far as the Superman’s costume is concerned, you will notice that there are some minor changes. There is a different color, yellow element on a belt and what appears to be mitts. Nothing revolutionary, and does not deviate too much from the original, which is very important, but still, the changes are interesting.

     And what will this new power be and whether the strongest superhero in the world needs it at all, remains to be seen. Anyway – great news!

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