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He is a GOD! He is a Norse god of thunder! He is immortal, master of storms and lightning, and the holder of  Mjolnir! He is the most powerful warrior of mythology! He is the ruler of the Norse gods! He is the son of almighty Odin! He is a legendary king of Asgard! He is the mighty Thor!


The stories of skilled sailors and fearless warriors spread the feeling of fear across the European continent. Stories about almighty God Odin and his powerfuls son Thor were among these Viking stories.

The Thor is according to the Germanic and Nordic mythology the warrior God of thunder, lightning. For ordinary Scandinavians during Viking times, the most beloved god was none other than – Thor. Usually portrayed as a tall and powerful man with ginger hair and beard and with lightning in the eyes. Despite his wild appearance he was very popular as the protector of the gods and people against the forces of evil. Thor was the God of common people and families. He was a true hero of the Scandinavians, who, suffering under the heavy winter bites, called upon him to defeat the forces of storm and ice giants. The Norse believed that during a thunderstorm, the actual thunder was caused by Thor’s chariot and thunderbolts flashed every time he threw his enchanted hammer – Mjolnir.

Costume of Thor could include a plastic hammer, a red cape, blue pants, a golden belt, wrist bands, or any other interesting pieces of garment and accessories.

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