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Unique DIY Frida Kahlo costume with tutorial how to make flower crown

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DIY Frida Kahlo costumeIs there a girl who does not like flowers in your hair? I do not believe. This fact can take advantage of the little girl to dress in costume as Frida Kahlo. Frida Kahlo was a Mexican painter. In the most difficult moments of her life she found many ways to get up and constantly impresses all around. Dressed for hours, she wore long dresses and brightly colored scarves, jewelry with living and cheerful colors, red lipstick, and in her hair she put flowers.

To dress your girl as Frida, you need to find the longest dress you have, put the scarf on the shoulders and give her some of your jewelry with bright colors. If you want to her costume looks convincing, draw her eyebrows and put her red lipstick. Hair decorate with natural or artificial flowers. If you make a wreath of artificial flowers, as it is certainly now a fashion trend and many celebrities wear it, you will remain to use it for some other occasion.

How to make flower crown?

The Internet has many tutorials to make a garland of flowers, but most of people use the wire to make it. But in our case, this range should wear a child, and I would avoid the wire and used a headband. Simply cut off the handle of flower and stick a flower on a headband.

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