Zagor Teney costume

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                                           Zagor Teney costume

     Zagor is a comic hero which was zagor tenaycreated in 1961 in Italy by author Sergio Bonelli (screenwriter) and Galien Ferry (drawing).

     His full name is Zagor Te-Ney, as the Algonquin Indian language means “The Spirit with the Hatchet”. The real name of the comic hero is Patrick Wilding. Originally, Zagor was given the name Ajax, but Bonelli changed his mind when he heard that there is a detergent with the same name.

     The action comics happens in a Darkwood forest in North America.

     Zagor is presented as an athletic figure with a distinctive costume whose main part is the red T-shirt with a yellow circle in the middle, in which there is the image of an eagle with spread wings.

     His faithful assistant and companion on many adventures is a cute fat Mexican Chico. There are zagoralso Tonka, Mohawk chief and Zagors blood brother, while Lester, Indian medicine man-eyed and so on. One of his legendary enemies is mad scientist named Helingen.majica_zagor



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